Academic Translation

Academic translation requires meticulousness!

Academic translation procedures cannot be done by everyone. First of all, translation should be done by paying attention to the format in the academic structure. As a translation company, we make thesis research, project, assignment completion project, article and presentation, undergraduate, graduate diploma, transcript translations by our expert translators who know the culture of the foreign countries who speak many languages.

Those who do academic careers and researches generally need Turkish-English translation services in our country inder to announce their studies and theses to the world and to prove their success. Finding the word corresponding to the literary equivalent of scientific words in other languages and using it correctly makes it very difficult fnon-experts when translating an academic article. The correct translation of scientific theses, articles and researches written in the academic literature into another language is called academic translation. Academic Translation is the translation of these works into a different language. Almost every article writer knows the importance of academic translation and therefore needs a professional support that he can trust, with an experienced command of the literature to be translated. Spelling mistakes in the texts to be translated in the articles in question may cause the effort spent in the creation of the text to be wasted. When the texts are arranged using all the possibilities of the language, they become easy and enjoyable to read. The articles to be translated, which are written in accordance with the spelling rules, enable the translatto analyze the subject more easily while making academic translation, and the translations of the articles written in academic language will be more academic. Therefore, while article authors are preparing their articles, they should definitely pay attention to the academic language of the article they have prepared in Turkish in terms of suitability facademic translation. Our editors not only make corrections regarding the spelling and format of the text, but also help you to prevent possible rejection from magazines publications by editing the text in the best way to ensure the integrity of the text, create richness of expression and increase the readability of the text. The editing and editing processes of academic articles, master's and doctoral theses, which are the products of great effort and diligence, are at least as important as their writing. Inder to make these articles ready fpresentation in terms of both the spelling rules and writing technique, the richness of expression and the possibilities of the text, and to make the text ready fpresentation in terms of the integrity and consistency of the text, our experts help to prevent the narrative mistakes that may occur by evaluating the subject in itsiginal language.