Legal Translation

Law is a concept that has developed with humanity since ancient times and has a unique language. Law, which is one of the main pillars of civilization, especially in our country, has a structure consisting mostly of Persian, Turkish, Ottoman and Arabic words. Consequently, the slightest mistake to be made while translating a Turkish legal text into other languages can cause big problems. Its importance in legal translatemerges here.

Turkish law has a special structure that modernizes its rooted structure remaining from the Ottoman Empire according to the needs of the people today. So how should legal translation be done?

As in all other translations, wrong sentences in legal translations and legal translation requests will ensure that you have problems with the other party. By making these translations correct, we can better benefit from the legal and legal situations. However, translation errors to be made during legal translation and legal translation procedures do not only cause social disputes. Since the translated documents and texts also affect the grounds of the law of the business, it may cause much greater problems and may even be punished with a small possibility. That's why legal translators are so important.

Another issue that needs to be considered during legal translation is the different meanings attributed to these texts in different languages. Although the law is universal, it has undergone different changes in each language according to its history and people's lives. There may be places where translators have difficulties in legal translation. Therefore, while entrusting your legal translations, you need experts who really know the business and know different cultures well.

Our experts in legal translation will translate documents such as Regulation Authorization, Foreign Judicial Decision, Foreign Legislation, Tax Documents, Testament, Statute, Record, Registration Documents, Title Deed Undertaking, Company Statute, Promissory Contract, Decision, Law Articles, Construction SubcontractContract, Construction Tender, Notice, Translation of Tender Documents, Circular Form Translation, Association Statute, Divorce Decision Translation, Translation of European Union Grant Programs, EC [EU] Legislation, Agreement Purchase and Sale Contract and detailing them to the finest detail.

Another issue that should not be mistaken in legal translations is that the law has a special structure different from the language of daily life. What you read in legal texts means different things in daily life. Our professional team will show the necessary sensitivity in all your legal translation and legal translation requests to ensure that you do not experience any problems in worldwide sales recruitment partnership procedures country change transactions.